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Hear From the Experts: Transforming Legal Operations with Data Analytics with Harrison Underwood

Harrison Underwood, owner of Brickell Global Consulting, shares his insights on the transformative role of analytics in legal operations.

May 27, 2024

In our latest installment of Hear From the Experts, we feature R Harrison Underwood, the owner of Brickell Global Consulting. With over 22 years of experience in corporate legal operations and technology, Harrison has been at the forefront of innovation, guiding Fortune 1000 companies and top law firms through complex digital transformations. His deep expertise and practical insights have made him a sought-after leader in the field, known for turning data into actionable strategies that drive efficiency and value.

During our interview, Harrison shared compelling insights into the transformative power of data analytics in legal operations. He shared how data-driven decision-making has become a game-changer, recounting the story of a major automaker that leveraged analytics to bring 600 lawyers in-house, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced service quality. Harrison also discussed the critical steps for setting up effective KPIs and managing international billing complexities. His anecdotes and advice offer a practical roadmap for any legal department looking to harness the power of data.


"The job of the CLO now is to run the legal department as a business."


 Don’t miss out on these valuable insights—watch the full interview now.

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