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Legal Operations KPIs

The Professional's Handbook to Operational Excellence


Use the power of your legal data with "Legal Operations KPIs" guide that caters to a diverse audience, including proactive Legal Operations Professionals, strategic General Counsels, and Law Firms aiming to align with corporate legal requirements. Crafted by a seasoned expert who has both witnessed and been part of this transformation, this book transcends mere listings. It empowers readers with detailed notes and instructions, enabling both legal operations and technical audiences to create, deliver, and interpret each report and metric. Whether your goal is to impress C-level management, lead your team, or foster robust professional relationships, this book is an indispensable manual for every legal professional.

Inside the Book (and Website)

Finally, a one-stop-stop for legal metrics that explains exactly what each means, plus how to calculate and most importantly, how to communicate using this data to tell your story!

Mike Russel - Leading Legal Operations

Tailored Readiness Levels

The KPIs and Metrics in this book are not one-size-fits-all; they are carefully crafted to cater to varying levels of readiness within legal operations. Whether you're building the foundations at the 'Early' stage or refining sophisticated systems at the 'Advanced' level, you'll find the tools and insights necessary to elevate your practice and drive meaningful progress at every stage of your organization’s evolution.

Assessing Your Legal Department's Readiness

Included is the 'Legal Data Analytics Readiness Questionnaire,' a tool for evaluating your department's readiness in People, Operations, Technology, and Data. This resource helps identify suitable KPIs and metrics based on your department’s current state, ensuring effective application of the book's content.

Online Resources

Solidify your mastery in Legal Operations with 'Legal Operations KPIs.' Each copy offers more than just pages—it becomes your gateway to an extended online experience. Simply scan the QR codes accompanying each article to unlock a wealth of interactive discussions, customizable content, and continuously updated resources at Transform the book into a dynamic, ever-evolving toolkit tailor-made for legal professionals committed to achieving excellence.

Comprehensive Coverage

'Legal Operations KPIs' delivers a thorough compilation of metrics and reports across varied domains such as Spend Management, Budgeting, Invoice and Data Quality Analysis, among others. This extensive range equips legal professionals with the analytical tools to optimize financial strategies, enhance data integrity, and elevate overall legal operational efficiency.

My copy was delivered this week! Legal Operations KPIs truly is a Professional’s handbook to operational excellence... This is a must read and great reference book.

Connie Brenton - Founder and Founding CEO
InfiniGlobe - Counself RFP - Monitor showing 'Climate Change Litigation - RFP' with law firm comparisons.

Enhance Your Legal Operations with Counself RFP

Now that you're up to speed with key metrics from 'Legal Operations KPIs' in critical areas such as Spend Management, Budgeting, and Law Firm and Vendor Management, consider taking your legal department's performance to the next level with Counself RFP.

This practical, turn-key solution, certified with ISO and fortified with robust end-to-end encryption, is designed to streamline your RFP processes efficiently, enhancing your cost optimization and vendor management strategies.

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