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The Counself Platform

Elevate Your Workflows With Simplicity, Security, and Synergy

Transforming Workflows for Optimal Results.

Outdated tools and fragmented communication across multiple platforms can create a disconnect within your department. Counself transforms these challenges by merging simplicity, security, and collaboration into seamless workflows.

A Workflow That Actually Works.

We want to help you be more efficient so you can get better responses, it’s that easy. We built a best practice legal request workflow to make collaboration between clients and vendors easier than ever before.


Intelligent Forms.

Bid farewell to outdated Excel and Word forms. With Counself, immerse in intuitive electronic forms for superior data capture. Create and disseminate comprehensive online surveys, questionnaires, and much more. Collaborate effortlessly, designate custom access, and ensure all data is readily available for review, comparison, and storage. The essence of smart, secure, and simplified data gathering.

Template Library.

Organize your document templates, notes, and forms in one unified hub. Access and manage these crucial resources company-wide or build a personal collection for frequently used assets. Save time, ensure efficiency, and never misplace crucial content again.

Vendor Profile.

Streamline vendor integration with Counself. Facilitate easy registrations, ensuring up-to-date profiles and shared libraries. This not only promotes accuracy but also minimizes manual vendor administration, positioning you at the helm of effective third-party management.

Collaborate Seamlessly.

Eliminate the chaos of juggling multiple apps and communications. Counself's integrated messaging and toolset ensure all collaborations are centralized, enabling effortless information sharing and tracking. Stay within the platform and eschew the need for endless email trails and scattered conversations.

Ready to take Control?.

We would be happy to show you what a difference Counself can make.
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